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Electronic industry has seen explosive growth since late 20th centuries, and it is believed the growth will continue. In supporting this industry growth, the Institute of Electronics Engineering was established in 1996. Currently, we have 21 faculty members performing researches in various levels from fundamental electronic physics, device, process development, electronic circuits, micro-electro-mechanical, and electronic systems.

Each year the Institute enrolls 71 new MS students and 32 new PhD students. To support the electronic industry long term growth, we believe we need to overcome technology difficulties in (a) continuing scaling of Moore’s Law, (b) identify new electronic applications, (c) developing new generations of transistors. The Institute is well suited in developing solutions to overcome these difficulties, due to well balanced research activities in various levels and easy corporation within the Institute and the University.

Quite a few common laboratories are already in place to support all researches in the Institute: Semiconductor processing Laboratory, Microelectronic Fabrication Laboratory (clean room), AFM Laboratory, Semiconductor Device Measurement and Characterization Laboratory, Microelectronics Characterization Laboratory, High-Frequency Characterization Laboratory, and E-beam lithography Laboratory. In addition, some faculty members’ own research laboratories have advanced equipment to support their individual research activities. Since the University is located near Science Park and a few National Laboratories, our research staffs also have the advantages of accessing to excellent lab and/or processing facilities nearby.

Currently, our major research efforts are directed in the following areas (1) post-CMOS transistor development, (2) green electronics to support new energy sources and/or low power consumption, (3) gigascale electronics, (4) very high frequency electronics, (5) bioelectronics, and (6) flexible electronics.

The ENE receives the grants totaling more than 57million N.T. dollars from the Ministry of Science and Technology each year for the related research. The institute has also established cooperative research relationships with other research institute and local high-tech industry. There are about 12 million N.T. dollars grants each year from them.

Institute of Electronics Engineering also actively participates the designed series courses in the field of 「Semiconductor industry and manufacturing」and「Microsystem technology」to help training students in integrated scientific area.